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Tradition & Know-how

From century-old olive trees grown on the estate, our olive oil comes from trees grown on a slope for maximum sunshine.

It is the product of a well cared for traditional culture and know-how transmitted over several centuries within our family.

Fruits of a perfect picking, the olives are harvested by hand and immediately cold pressed in a millstone press to give a pure unfiltered oil with a rich taste that blossoms in the mouth.

It has, in a nice balance, a nice texture and a certain bitterness that develops in the throat in powerful peppery notes.

Discover Almazara: Where Flavor Meets Tradition in Pickled Mixed Vegetables

Experience the authentic flavors of the Mediterranean with Almazara’s exquisite selection of pickled vegetables. We meticulously select the finest ingredients, from crisp wild cucumbers to perfectly ripened olives, ensuring that every jar embodies our passion for quality and traditional techniques.

Whether you crave a simple snack or an inspiring culinary addition, Almazara delivers a symphony of vibrant flavors in every bite.

The Almazara Difference: Taste the Tradition

At Almazara, we believe that exceptional flavor begins with respect for tradition. Our pickled vegetables are crafted using time-honored methods, passed down through generations.

We carefully prepare each vegetable, using only the freshest ingredients and our perfectly balanced brines. From the zesty tang of Lebanese cucumbers to the smoky richness of grilled green olives, each jar is a testament to our dedication to authentic taste.

Discover the Possibilities within Every Jar

Almazara’s pickled mixed vegetables offer endless culinary inspiration. Here’s how they can elevate your meals:

  • Elevate Charcuterie: Pair Almazara’s pickled vegetables with cured meats and cheeses for a gourmet platter. Contrast rich flavors with the refreshing crunch of our Pickled  Vegetables.
  • Vibrant Salads: Enhance your salads with the Mediterranean flair of Almazara’s pickled vegetables. Try Wild Cucumbers for a satisfying crunch or Pickled Turnips for a unique tang.
  • Flavorful Sandwiches: Transform your sandwich game with the bold flavors of Almazara’s pickled vegetables. Marinated Eggplant adds depth to vegetarian options.
  • Elegant Garnishes: Elevate simple dishes with a touch of gourmet flair. Use Almazara’s pickled vegetables to garnish grilled fish or roasted meats.

Experience the Almazara Advantage

  • Commitment to Quality: From field to jar, we ensure only the finest ingredients go into our pickled vegetables.
  • Authentic Recipes: Our time-tested recipes ensure a taste of traditional Mediterranean flavors.
  • Versatile Delights: Whether enjoyed as a snack or incorporated into dishes, Almazara’s pickled vegetables offer endless possibilities.

Embrace the art of Mediterranean flavors

Elevate your meals with Almazara’s vegetables shop our selection today and discover the difference that quality and tradition can make.

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