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Torino 1857

Since 1857 Pastigli Leone has been a sweet patrimony created through recipes inspired by tradition and the careful selection of the best ingredients.

Pastigliee Leone is a unique company in the entire confectionery universe, being the last company to produce so many different artisanal products under the same roof.

Leone pastilles ( Pastiglie) Authentic

Leone Pastilles INTRODUCING LEONE  Torino 1857 Since 1857, Leone Pastilles have been icons of Italian confectionery excellence. Each delicate, coin-shaped candy embodies centuries of artisanal techniques and a meticulous selection of premium ingredients. This commitment to quality and heritage makes Leone Pastilles a unique treasure, preserving a rich history of flavor within the world of [...]

Leone Jellies – Authentic Italian Sweets

Leone Jellies Introducing Leone  Torino 1857 Discover the amazing selection of Leone Candy, the best candies in Italy since 1857. Each item, which is made using natural ingredients and traditional techniques, promises to tantalize your senses with a blast of original flavours. This assortment is ideal for sophisticated foodies who wish to savour the authentic [...]

leone candy canada

Masterpieces of Italian Confectionery, Leone: Awaken Your Senses

Since its founding in Turin in 1857, Leon has been a cornerstone of the best Italian confections. Its wares pay attention to centuries-old customs and artisanship rather than just being candy. Leone weaves gastronomic Italian delicacies into the fabric of culinary tradition with each piece, extending an invitation to immerse yourself in this world.

The Classic Pastiglie Leone: An Immense Asset.

The Pastiglie Leone, a confectionary icon, is the centrepiece of Leone’s historic line. These adorable, coin-shaped treats come in a variety of colours and flavours, each hinting at the rich history of Italian confections. Their distinct texture and enticing perfume take you back to indulgent, blissful memories. Every Pastiglie Leone delivers a unique, unforgettable taste experience, ranging from the energizing freshness of mint to the rich, dark richness of liquorice and the soft caress of violet.

Indulge in a Spectrum of Italian Elegance

Savour a Wide Range of Italian Style Leone’s selection of sweets goes beyond the well-known pastilles. Let the soft, juicy fruit jellies, the decadence of rich chocolates, and the zesty burst of citrus and herbal hard candies entice you. Each of the tastes that Leone selects serves as a doorway to the delights of Italian craftsmanship.

The Art of Gifting with Leone

Choosing Leone candies means embracing a gesture of elegance and tradition. Encased in beautifully designed, vintage-inspired packaging, Leone’s candies are more than a treat—they’re a curated experience of sophistication. Perfect for any occasion, they are a testament to an appreciation for the finer things in life and the timeless elegance of Italian confectionery.

Rediscover the joy of Italian candies with Leone, and let every bite take you on a journey through Italy’s rich confectionery history.

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