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Potato Chips QUILLO


The Quality is demonstrated From the beginning to the end

Gourmet potato chips company from Spain presenting the highest quality in manufacturing and delicious and innovative variety.

The potatoes are fried with Spanish olive oil, then the chips are packaged with a nitrogen to prevent oxidation. This guarantees a stable and exceptional taste throughout the product’s life.

Quillo Chips: Where Gourmet Meets Crunch – A Journey of Spanish Flavor

Forget mass-produced chips. Quillo invites you on a culinary adventure, where the humble potato is transformed into an extraordinary expression of Spanish tradition and gourmet artistry.

Born from a passion for authentic flavors and uncompromising quality, Quillo chips are a testament to the power of simple ingredients and meticulous craftsmanship.

The Quillo Story: From Fields to Flavor

Quillo’s journey begins in the heart of Spain, where generations of farmers have perfected the art of cultivating flavorful potatoes. Their dedication to the land is evident in each sun-kissed potato, carefully selected for its ideal texture and taste. Inspired by the country’s vibrant food culture, Quillo set out to elevate the snacking experience, bringing the essence of Spain’s finest flavors to the world.

Sourcing Excellence: A Quest for Authentic Ingredients

From the delicate Flor de Sal, harvested from pristine salt flats, to the earthy richness of aged Manchego cheese from local artisans, Quillo sources ingredients with the same care as a Michelin-starred chef. They forge partnerships with passionate producers, seeking out the rare white truffle or the finest Iberian ham, ensuring every ingredient tells a story of quality.

The Art of Transformation: Tradition Meets Innovation

Quillo honors time-tested techniques, frying their potatoes in pure olive oil for a golden crispness that echoes traditional Spanish cuisine. Yet, they aren’t afraid to innovate. Each flavor is a meticulously balanced masterpiece, combining classic pairings with surprising twists that tantalize the palate.

A Symphony of Flavors: Awaken Your Senses

  • Taste the Classics: The pure, salty essence of Flower of Salt Gourmet Potato Chips highlights the potato itself, while Aged Manchego Cheese Chips offer a savory depth that lingers on the tongue.
  • Indulge in Luxury: White Truffle Gourmet Potato Chips transport you to an Italian forest floor, their earthy aroma followed by an intoxicating richness. Iberian Ham Gourmet Potato Chips capture the essence of Spain’s prized ham in a single, unforgettable bite.
  • Embrace the Unexpected: Fried Egg Chips deliver a playful surprise – the satisfying crunch followed by the sunny, savory yolk flavor. Lemon & Pink Pepper Gourmet Potato Chips burst with a citrusy zing balanced by a subtle, peppery warmth.

More Than a Snack: Elevate Every Occasion

Quillo chips are a passport to gourmet experiences. Pair them with your favorite vintage for a sophisticated gathering, add them to a cheeseboard to impress discerning guests, or simply savor them solo for a moment of pure indulgence.

The Taste that Speaks for Itself

Quillo chips have completely changed how I think about snacking. The White Truffle flavor is my absolute favorite – it’s like a luxurious treat in every bite!” – Elena R., Halifax

I always have a bag of Quillo’s Aged Manchego Cheese Chips on hand. They’re the perfect pairing with a bold Spanish Rioja, and my guests rave about them.” – José M., Toronto

Perfect Pairings: Unlock New Flavor Experiences

Quillo chips shine when paired with thoughtfully chosen beverages and dishes. The Flower of Salt chips complements the brininess of fresh oysters or the creaminess of fine goat cheese. For a bold contrast, try the Lemon & Pink Pepper chips with a crisp Sauvignon Blanc or a light, fruity cocktail.

Invitation to Discover The Quillo Chips Journey

Embrace the extraordinary with Quillo. Each chip invites you to explore, taste, and celebrate the rich tapestry of flavors that only Quillo can offer.

Join us on this delicious adventure and find your next favorite snack.

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