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Masters of olives since 1961, and a green company that runs on 100% renewable energy. In Jolca, for the most part they continue to employ the hand-picking method, thereby avoiding mechanisation and damage to the fruit.

Likewise, in the preparation of the products they continue to use the most traditional and artisan method for the Sevillian table olive, and a principal dressing, water and salt, is the most natural and respectful of both the product and the environment.

Delight in Authentic Spanish Flavor: Discover Jolca Green Olives

Experience the essence of Spain with Jolca’s exquisite green olives. Meticulously cultivated and prepared, these olives embody tradition and offer an unforgettable taste sensation. From the classic Manzanilla to exciting stuffed varieties, Jolca delivers gourmet flavor in every bite.

What do we have for you :

Emphasizing Quality and Heritage

Jolca’s dedication to excellence shines through in every olive. Their time-honored cultivation methods, commitment to quality ingredients, and innovative flavor combinations create olives that are a testament to Spain’s rich culinary history.

Sensory Appeal and Discovery

From the initial burst of flavor to the lingering savory notes, Jolca olives will captivate your senses. Whether you crave bold spices, classic pairings, or the simple pleasure of a perfectly seasoned olive, Jolca has something to tantalize your taste buds.

Taste the Jolca Difference

Elevate your snacking and culinary creations. Discover the world of Jolca Green Olives today and savor the authentic taste of Spain.

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